FAQ - Buy & Sale Yachts

There are now three(3) forms of contract available to offer a Yacht for sale,

An OWNER'S Listing allows you to place your yacht for sale on the active website with all enquiries direct to your email address for your personal attention.  There is no brokerage commissions only a one time fee of 100Euros.

Full details and photos, as supplied by you, will be placed on the web in a professional manner.

Yes a broker may source your yacht on the website and bring a buyer if this is the case we suggest a 5% commission on the understanding that said broker handles all details of the sale.

If the website listing is successful in obtaining/finding a buyer boats-yachts.net will be happy to handle all aspects of the sail including viewing, sea trails, lifting for survey and all required agreements and documentation for a 2.5% fee.

WWW.BOATS-YACHTS.NET   purposes is to provide an Owner's listing, charter and information Site.

However if additional marketing is desired than if is possible to request an open or central listing which will also appear  on other international websites such as www.yachtfinders.net

An OPEN LISTING permits you to find the buyer and sell the boat yourself and not the standard 10% commission, unless the buyer has been introduced to the yacht by a broker.

A CENTRAL LISTING traditionally obliges you to pay a 10 % commission to the listing broker, even though you might find the buyer yourself. (Our Rates are 8%).  To remedy this somewhat unfair situation, we will charge only a 4 % commission in the event that you find a buyer, providing that the buyer has not been introduced to the yacht by anyone from the yacht brokerage industry. Under this scenario, the responsibilities of the Broker, as detailed below, are not diminished and we will still provide the usual services and assistance necessary to complete the sale.

First a word about the OPEN LISTING and some suggestions as to its limitations, in spite of its apparent appeal.

1.Human nature being what it is, a broker is unlikely to invest his skills, time, experience and advertising budget in a situation where he is competing for his livelihood directly with the owner of the boat.

2. Offering the listing on an open basis to several Brokers might sound alluring, but the owner will quickly lose his power to control the selling price. Why? Because your yacht will become an item haggled over in a bazaar, as the potential buyer shops the market and contacts different Brokers. In all probability, the Brokers will be advertising varying prices representing their assorted financial needs rather than your price goal. Haggling in a bazaar always applies downward pressure, it is fun for the buyer, but hardly in your interest as the seller.

Selling a yacht invariable takes a while and obtaining the highest possible price for your asset demands a whole range of skills. Signing a Central Listing with us commits us not only to work on your behalf, but avoids the risk of your asking price spiraling downwards out of control.

What can we do for you, if you sign a CENTRAL LISTING with us ?

Plenty, and if eventually you find the buyer, then we will still handle the sea trial, survey, documentation, boat registration and financial responsibilities to protect the seller for the reduced 4 % commission as previously mentioned.

1. Representation: We are as distressed as many of our clients at the lack of professionalism that has tainted the industry in the past twenty years. We still adhere to the principle that fulfilling a client's needs and wishes is the sole task at hand and when that job is completed to the satisfaction of the client, then our reward will follow.

Please note we are happy to accept International Listings.

3. At our expense, we shall promote your yacht in the internet listing services such as  Yachtfinders or Apolloduck. In this manner, not only are 5000 Yacht Brokers world wide informed about your yacht, but the general public will use the same services to research the boat of their choice.

4. Additional cooperative advertising is available at the excellent wholesale rates negotiated by us with the leading Yachting magazines. For a modest figure we will include half or full page display advertising, highlighting your yacht, within
a range of publications that includes :

Boats & Yachts, Yachting, Yachts International and Boat International amongst others. In each case, the advertising layout is prepared free of charge, thereby saving you approximately one third of the normal ad expense.