Boat Maintenance


  • Why not add a few drops of olive/vegetable  oil into your head when flushing? This lubricates the flush action and the entire system, it also remains biodegradable. Try it - it’s cheap and effective; you will be pleasantly surprised in the difference.
  • For years teak has been employed in boat building, due to its excellent durability and weatherproofing properties. A very rich, close grained hardwood, it can give years of protection for your boats deck and railings. Unfortunately, even teak is not immune to weathering and turning the dull grey colour we see all too often, and how we deal with this varies depending who you seek advice from!
  • If your Teak Deck needs replacement is it a wish choice?  Consider removal, drying or rectification of deck structure, filling screw holes, seal with epoxy laminate and painting with non-skid pattern.

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